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Response from Trafalgar, August 2019 is clearly known to Macquarie Media that none of our Trafalgar adverts are to be placed within or support any Alan Jones programming ... we as a business in no way support any of of the controversial content from the Alan Jones segment.


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Response from Sunsuper, September 2019

We are careful to choose advertising placements that align with Sunsuper values and our target demographics, we work very closely with our media agency to safeguard our placements against negative, offensive or unlawful content not just on television but across all media platforms.

We’ll be sure to investigate this possible breach further with our media agency.

Blue Haven Pools

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Response from Blue Haven Pools, August 2019

We don't support the views of Alan Jones nor any language that suggests violence against women. We advertise on 2GB to reach an important audience for our business . so we can continue to run a successful business and, in doing so, support our employees and their families.


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Response from BFGoodrich, September 2019

We have recently discontinued our association with the Alan Jones/2GB show. His comments and views do not align with the company values of Michelin and should not be seen as a reflection of the company.