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Response from RACQ, August 2019

We're a shareholder of HUG Insurance who advertised on 2GB, and as a shareholder, when we were made aware of these comments we took swift action and instructed the operator to cease advertising with the program.


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Update, September 2019: Wynstan breaks promise, returns to Alan Jones

Wynstan acknowledged the severity of the violent remarks directed at women by Alan Jones, however, it appears they've reversed their stance and resumed advertising on Alan Jones.

Currently it is the only confirmed company out of the more than 100 that have withdrawn support for Alan Jones which has reversed its stance and resumed advertising.

JAX Tyres Geelong

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Reponse from JAX Tyres, August 2019

Due to the comments made by Alan Jones regarding Jacinda Ardern we can confirm that we have pulled our advertising from the Alan Jones Breakfast Show.


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Response from Xero, August 2019

Re: Xero advertising on Alan Jones 2GB

Alan Jones' comments last week are in complete conflict with Xero's values and we take this matter very seriously. We made the decision this week to cease all advertising of Xero on 2GB for the foreseeable future. 

Our media agency has confirmed that as of yesterday, we are off all forms of 2GB activity.